Xcel Energy

We have been involved in UK business gas since deregulation which started in 1996. Prior to this customers did not have a choice of supplier for their gas as British Gas had the monopoly. Things have moved a long way and Xcel Energy staff have gained a vast amount of knowledge during this time. Our aim is to offer the best price along with a personal service. We understand having a long-term relationship with our customers is paramount and beneficial to both parties. We look forward to offering our service to new and existing customers alike towards the end of 2015.

Did you know you can buy business gas up to two year's in advance, 96% of gas customers start to shop around when they receive their renewal letter from their supplier. This period can be as little as 45 days before the contract is up for renewal.

Xcel Energy monitor's business gas prices on a daily basis. Gas like all commodities can be extremely volatile on a day to day basis and best prices can be achieved by knowing the market and buying gas during dips in the price. We can due to our expertise achieve maximum savings for our customers, even if the contract is not up for renewal.

Xcel could save you up to 55% off your business gas costs by buying at the right time. 

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