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What to do if you smell gas

Call National Grid free on the 24-hour GAS and CARBON MONOXIDE emergency helpline, 0800 111 999
All calls to this emergency number are recorded and may be monitored for training purposes. If English is not your first language we will find an interpreter who will translate for you.

Practical steps: What to do if you smell gas

Do turn off the gas at the meter unless the meter is in a cellar/basement 
Don’t smoke or strike matches 
Don’t turn electrical switches on or off 
Do put out naked flames  
Do open doors and windows 
Do keep people away from the area affected

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The gas distribution network

In the UK, gas leaves the transmission system and enters the distribution networks at high pressure. It is then transported through a number of reducing pressure tiers until it is finally delivered to consumers. There are eight regional distribution networks, four of which are owned by National Grid.

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